Dr Katrina, King Leo and Pet Greens

Dr Katrina Warren & King Leo, a very handsome Maine Coon in case you were wondering, are big fans of Pet Greens fresh nutritional supplements for cats, guinea pigs, birds, rabbits and small dogs thanks to the health benefits it brings.

Dr Katrina is passionate about animal welfare. She is highly involved in campaigns for keeping cats indoors for their safety, and part of that is creating an enriched environment for these indoor cats. Bringing the outdoors in is more important than ever. Pet Greens is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can supplement a healthy diet for indoor cats as well as giving them something to do.

Dr Katrina Warren is an established and trusted media veterinarian, spokesperson, author and authority on all things pets and animals. She works tirelessly to help pet owners enhance the special bond they share with their beloved pets.

Dr Katrina is excited to be Pet Greens Ambassador.


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