The fresher the grass your pet eats, the more benefits they get in their diet.

The first time a pet owner witnesses their cat chowing down on a patch of grass in their backyard can be quite confusing. Even shocking. The pet owner may start questioning whether or not they are feeding their pet enough food – and enough of the right food. They may even start to wonder if their pet is sick.

While these concerns are valid, the reality is there is nothing to worry about. Whether you have a, cat, rabbit or any other kind of pet, eating grass is a natural thing for animals. In fact, eating grass offers digestive benefits for domestic animals.

In order to better understand why your pet eats grass, you first need to understand the benefits your pet derives from munching down on your well-manicured lawn.

The benefits of fresh greens in your pets’ diet

While domesticated animals are typically consummate carnivores, pre-domestication many of these animals enjoyed a broader diet, gaining valuable vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants from plants.

The processed vegetable elements within canned food or bagged dry food don’t have the same nutritional value as fresh grass, making it is an ideal supplement to their existing diet. How? Pet Greens’ Pet Grass:

• Is naturally grown and harvested in NSW.
• Is grown in pesticide-free soil.
• Is high in protein.
• Is a rich source of Chlorophyll (great for enhancing your pet’s health).
• Is packed with vitamins A, B, C, E and K.
• Contains powerful fatty acid producing antioxidants.

The fresher the grass your pet eats , the more of the above benefits they get in their diet. This is why at Pet Greens we are primarily focused on providing your pet with the freshest product on the market. How? By getting our products from our farm to your doorstep within 24 hours.

Farm-to-doorstep for maximum health benefits

At Pet Greens, we understand the importance and benefits of your pet receiving the best and freshest Pet Grass product to help balance their diet and promote healthy digestion.

In order for us to make this happen, Pet Greens has implemented daily harvesting processes with expedited delivery. What does that actually mean?
It means that from the moment we harvest your order, we aim to have it sitting on your doorstep within 24-48 hours.

Curious about Pet Greens and the products and services we offer? We invite you to visit our FAQ page, which will answer all your questions about our products, as well as our one-off and subscription services. Alternatively, fill out our Contact Form and we will have one of our friendly team respond to you ASAP.


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