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Introduce greens into your pets diet for a great nutritional supplement

When it comes to the human diet, balance has always been the driving force and message. Balance out the good with the bad, the meat with the vegies, and at the back of our mind (in our parent’s voice) we can hear “eat your greens!”

For humans, leafy green vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals and fibre, while also being low in calories. A diet rich in leafy greens offers many health benefits such as a reduced risk of obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and mental decline.

Why Introducing Greens To Your Pet’s Diet Is More Important Than You Know?

Did you know that introducing your pets to greens has almost the same effect on them as it does on humans?

Have you ever been walking your dog and then suddenly they start tugging on the lead, only to drag you over to a lush area of grass and start gnawing away like it was the greatest thing they had ever tasted? Or have you seen your cat devour a can of premium cat food that contained the meatiest chunks of beef, chicken or salmon, then head out to the backyard only to tear clumps of grass from your lawn?

This is their version of ‘greens’. However, there is a far healthier way of getting their required intake of greens. But first, let’s look at why pets need their greens.

Before Indoor Domestication Greens Were A Staple Of A Pet’s Diet

Long before humans chose to bring their pets indoors, there was a time when dogs freely roamed the backyard, and cats the neighbourhood, only to come home to be fed, greens were a major and crucial part of their diet.


While there is no official reason behind dogs eating grass, one of the biggest misconceptions is they do this only because they are unwell, hungry or bored. When in fact it’s quite normal for them to eat grass. Some believe it’s simply the taste and texture that drives them to eat grass, while others think it is a way to help settle their stomach by inducing vomiting, which will expel whatever may be upsetting them.


Greens were an essential part of their daily diet long before they were given shelter within the homes of their owners. For cats, greens give them the necessary roughage they need to be able to move the contents of their stomach. This may be the result of a build-up of fur from grooming, or it could be bones and feathers from hunting outdoors, due to their carnivorous tendencies.

Fast forward a few decades and the lifestyle of domesticated pets has changed greatly. Considered an integral part of the family dynamic, owners are now bringing their pets indoors to provide them further shelter from the elements, or because living situations have changed from people mostly living in single dwelling and semi-detached homes, to a large shift towards high-density apartments. With more pets living indoors, they are missing out on having access to fresh greens for their diet and overall digestive tract health.

Pet Grass Provides The Health And Well-Being Your Pet Deserves

Pet Grass was created with the aim of bringing a positive change to your pet’s health and well-being.

Cultivated under the Australian sun, Pet Grass is grown in naturally enriched pesticide-free soil, and nourished with Australian rainwater. High in protein and one of the richest sources of chlorophyll, Pet Grass is also packed with vitamins A, B, C, E and K, along with powerful fatty acid producing antioxidants. Pet Grass is also high in fibre, which is ideal for supporting a healthy nervous system and digestive tract.

We pride ourselves on creating the most natural, healthy products for your fur babies. Gluten free and ideal for your pet’s dietary needs, Pet Grass is a necessary goodness in their lives.

To introduce your pet to the joy they will get, as well as the benefits they will receive, from Pet Grass order now and get your fresh pots delivered directly to you the day after they are picked from the farm.


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