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Meet Cleo, our confident, happy and a little mischievous kitty.

Meet Cleo, a confident, happy and a little mischievous kitty who loves her human almost as much as she loves her Pet Greens products. Read all about Pet Greens’ Pet Grass and find out why every indoor domestic pet can benefit from eating Pet Grass.

Having a pet can bring a tremendous amount of joy to your life. For children they can be a best friend, for the elderly they are a companion, and for those in between they become part of the family.Those past and present leave a mark that can never be erased, yet the one thing most pet parents can agree on is each one of their fur babies has had their own distinct personality; little mannerisms, quirks and traits that endear them to your heart, and our Cleo is no different.

Short for Cleopatra – Cleo is confident, happy and a little mischievous. She loves her human and believes a little indifference goes a long way. The apartment she lives in – and allows her human to occupy as well – is not her Castle, it’s her Kingdom. She rule’s over everything she sees, and anything she finds is hers…including her human’s bed, which she manages to “find” every night. Nothing Cleo does is ever out of malice, it was just the best decision at the time.

Like most cats, her personality is what makes her, and with that personality comes her refined tastes. Premium cat food that has the meatiest of chunks and the most delicious gravy and sauce, with the healthiest of ingredients. Yet, even with all of that deliciousness, there is a crucial ingredient that is missing from Cleo’s diet. Greens.

The Importance Of Cat Grass To A Healthy Cat’s Diet

You see, before cats like Cleo became domestic pets, they roamed outdoors where greens were readily available and a large part of their diet. Now, with the majority of cats being domestic indoor pets, access to the greens they need is scarce, or almost non-existent.

Cats are carnivores, which means their diet consists of mainly meat in its various forms. While the protein is great for their muscle development, they need something that will help with their overall digestive and gut-health needs.

Given the amount of time a cat spends grooming itself, a fair amount of hair can build up within its stomach, and therefore need assistance moving it out. Grass can have a ‘laxative-like’ effect on cats, which is why they eat it. It helps clear out not only fur, but anything else they have ingested that may be causing them problems.

As we all know, cats can be fussy eaters, and Cleo can be one of the fussiest around, which is why she only eats Pet Greens.

Why Pet Greens?

Pet Greens is an Australian owned company that is backed by pet loving people with many years’ experience in delivering fresh and healthy to Australian households. We have developed a product cultivated under the Australian sun on our local farms. Grown in pesticide free, naturally enriched soil and nourished by Australian rainwater, our Pet Greens products are grown in optimum conditions for superior quality.

As a living grass, Pet Greens are a rich source of protein, which helps maintain a healthy body weight, fitness and vitality, and a stronger immune system. Pet Greens also provide your cat with much needed Chlorophyll, which is a pigment found in plants and algae. Not only does chlorophyll replenish your pets’ red blood cells, it also;

  • Cleanse all the cells in the body
  • Fights infection
  • Heals wounds
  • Detoxifies all systems, especially liver and digestive

The chlorophyll found in Pet Greens will also help your pet fight an upset tummy if their diet is not quite where it should be.

What To Do Now?

Every indoor domestic pet can benefit from the goodness contained within Pet Greens pet grass. Shinier coat, vibrant eyes and more energy than ever before. You will essentially have a new pet when you introduce Pet Greens in to their diet.

To introduce your pet to the joy they will get, as well as the benefits they will receive, from Pet Grass or Catnip, order now and get your fresh pots delivered directly to you the day after they are picked from the farm.

They love you, so love them back.


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