The Pet Greens Family

Pet Greens is brought to you by Australian company The Little Fresh Group, who have been offering local, sustainable and fresh foods to Australian households since 1981.

The reason behind the creation of the Pet Greens brand and products is simple, to give our pets the care that nature intended. “Pure, Natural Nutrition”. We’re all pet lovers at Pet Greens. Whether it’s a cat, dog, cuddly rabbit, singing bird, rambunctious reptile or the squeakiest of mice, we believe they deserve the best
care we can give them.

Our 35-year heritage in quality and sustainable herb growing, the Pet Greens team had access to extensive knowledge and farming facilities to be the first to commercially cultivate fully grown Pet Grass and Catnip in Australia.

Using little more than the Australian sun, pesticide-free soil and nourishing rainwater, we have been able to create a pet health supplement rich in vitamins, antioxidants and something else that is one of the most important requirements of all; taste.

Seeing their little furry, feathery or scaly cheeks and beaks chow down on our Pet Grass or Catnip, has to be one of the cutest things we have ever witnessed, and now you can too.

Pet Greens will change the way you look at grass and greens for your pet…..


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